Airport Transfers (Your Private Car):


Vehicle Type                                       Minneapolis/St. Paul           Rochester International           Signature Aviation     

                                                                Airport (MSP)                           Airport (RST)                          Private (SAVI)


Luxury Sedan                                          $170.00                                  $60.00                                     $85.00

SUV                                                         $195.00                                  $85.00                                     $100.00

6 Passenger Limousine                           $250.00                                  $100.00                                   $125.00

8 & 10 Passenger Limousine                  $350.00                                  $140.00                                   $160.00

12 Passenger Limousine                         $375.00                                  $150.00                                   $175.00


Please note:

Limousine Rates are for the Rochester Area.  Any other areas outside of Rochester MN will have additional charges. Please call for a quote. 
Price does not include Gratuity or Fuel Surcharge
Fuel Surcharge varies with price of gasoline & only applies to Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport runs or long distance.
A gratuity of 20% will automatically be added to Rochester Airport and Signature Aviation Trips. 

If no gratuity is given a gratuity of 20% will automatically be added to your total. 

Hourly Rates

Luxury Sedan                             $65   Per hour

SUV                                            $85   Per Hour  

6 Passenger Limousine              $100 Per Hour 

8 & 10 Passenger Limousine     $140 Per Hour

12 Passenger Limousine            $150 Per Hour 


Rochester area: 1 hour minimum, otherwise 2 hour minimum over 50 miles away.
Price does not include Gratuity.
Prom is a 3 hour minimum.